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Welcome to Workforce Results

At Workforce Results, our purpose is to help businesses fulfil their employee’s needs and desires in a way that also improves their business’ growth, reputation and bottom line. 


That’s why we give you the latest tools, techniques and solutions to up-skill your HR & Operations,  bridging the gap between employer and employee needs.


Working with you, we help you achieve a more harmonious and productive workplace to improve both your employees’ experience as well as your business output for fast and sustainable growth.


We’re based in the UK and are available worldwide.

Trusted consultancy

Why choose Workforce Results?

Get a fresh perspective

An outside perspective is vital to avoid complacency.

Many issues can't be seen when you're working within the organisation's day-to-day activities. You need the benefits of a fresh perspective from someone who knows what to look out for.

Advanced Tools & Psychology

Become more advanced

Get the latest psychology & tools not yet taught in CIPD. Upskill your HR and Operations to get one step ahead of the rest.

Specialist HR Skillsets

Take some pressure off yourself and your team.

HR responsibilities and expectations are rapidly growing. It's getting too much for internal HR to stay ahead without specialist skillsets.

Guarenteed results

Get peace of mind

Results are agreed upon in advance.
If not achieved, you get your money back.


People Solutions


years of combined experience


Available tools & techniques


Contributions to academia

Our Services

Create Win-Win Solutions
With Workforce Results

We help you bridge the gap between business and employee needs

Attract &
Retain Talent

Find out what your employees want beyond pay rises, so they won't feel the need to leave.


Debunk how and why everyone's different in the workplace. Uncovering what truly motivates them.


Measure job satisfaction and engagement to make impactful and long-lasting improvements.

Stronger Teams

Develop stronger teams by uncovering everyone's strengths, weaknesses & working styles.


Identify which staff are under negative stress to prevent burn-out and costly absences.


Avoid the common pitfalls that cause 70% of change management initiatives to fail in organisations.


Get the advantage of an outside perspective to uncover conflicts going on under the radar that is impacting quality, and more.

Training &

We can provide remote and in-person training throughout all levels of your organisation.


We will provide you with all the help and support you need to get the results you're looking for.

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Our friendly staff will be happy to answer all of your questions so you can decide if we’re the right fit for you.

Our Process

All Projects Are Tailored
To Your Needs

Our five-step process from enquiry to implementation:



This allows us both to establish if we’re the right fit for each other.





Time: 10-30 minutes 


Consultation Meeting

This is where we take a deeper dive to fully understand your needs and design a tailored project proposal.



Time: Customised



This is where we’ll agree on a plan of action. Presenting a fully customised, costed and timelined project proposal for your approval.


Time: Customised



Before the project is signed off, we make sure everyone’s on board to allow positive change.




Time: Customised



Now the project is planned sufficiently with full support, we can commence the project according to our fully mapped out and agreed plan.


Time: As per scope

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What people say
about Workforce Results

We’re driven by high quality and results!

"Workforce Results helped our business go from strength to strength! They fully understood our requirements, implemented procedures and practices. After 4 months we have increased our turnover by 700%"
Rachid Amary
- Managing Director
"I really enjoyed working with Workforce Results. The in-depth study looking at how I view the world and act within it, really allowed me to self reflect and recognise how I can work best moving forward. It helped me to understand my colleagues in more detail too!"
- Regional Community Manager
"It was great to take the profiles to help get a better understanding of the way I work and why, and how my behaviours fit in with others. It will be really helpful for us all as we move forwards as a team."
- Corporate Partnerships and Events Manager
"Workforce Results took us through a team profile & strategy session, where we were able to identify learning's as individuals but also discover many areas that we could develop as a team. This included things such as understanding how we communicate or receive information. The way that the session was conducted with 121 time and the group worked very well, giving people time to reflect and then talk openly."
- Head Of Marketing
"The session was well received by the entire team, with positive changes being adopted immediately. Undoubtedly the profiles and strategy session have led to the team being more open to change, communicating better and having more self-awareness"
- Head Of Development