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Encourage Employee Well-being

Discover a new way to look after employee’s health and wellbeing in the workplace.
We help identify if any staff are in negative stress and could be developing burnout. Allowing companies to take action and avoid loss of absence due to sickness.
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Create Company Culture

Shape your company’s reputation by defining the organisation’s real personality and the environment in the workplace.
We help identify and implement core values for organisations. Driving the entire company under a shared vision. Allowing companies to unite all generations together.
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Implement Strategic Recruitment

Reverse-engineer talented staff and find the right person for the right job.
We help companies go beyond the C.V. and distinguish desired traits for successful candidates. Allowing companies to reduce recruitment costs by saving time and resources through gaining a clearer picture of the candidate’s team fit, behaviours and longevity before job offer.
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Increase Employee Engagement

Uncover what motivates your staff and provide an environment for them to thrive in a way that benefits the business.
We help companies break down and identify what makes their workforce tick, Allowing companies to increase workforce engagement and performance.
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Resolve Team Conflict

Explore a new way to detect and diagnose conflicts in the workforce.
We help analyse and identify potential conflicts between staff and teams commonly known to cause tension; allowing companies to spark the right conversation and educate how differences can be an advantage when used proactively.
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Improve Team Communication

Find the root cause of tension and create effective workforce communication.
We help diagnose tensions affecting communication and collaboratively put in place solutions to improve workforce communication in a way that works. Allowing companies to become more productive, proactive and efficient towards what matters.
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Predict Team Behaviour

Uncover thinking preferences and understand why the workforce do what they do in their role and team behaviour.
We help identify individual and team thinking preferences to gain real insight and understanding of the workforce. Allowing companies to predict behaviours, prepare for issues and find solutions.
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Promote Effective Leadership

Gift managers the skill and knowledge for effective leadership like never seen before.
We help managers understand what motivates their team explicitly and what unique support is required. Allowing managers to be positively influential and naturally get the best out of their team.
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Improve Staff Retention

Get the rare opportunity to uncover the likeliness of staff close to resigning and their reasons why in advance, before it’s too late.
We help identify what staff want in their role beyond financial, what support is missing and needed to thrive. Allowing constructive conversations to provide the right support and environment in a way also benefitting the company.
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Measure Job-Satisfaction

Measure job satisfaction to gain the truth of how your staff feel in their role.
We help gain full insight with precise, actionable data – allowing companies to move forward and improve job satisfaction. 
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Prevent Self-Sabotage

Uncover how smoothly your team operations are to see if there are signs of self-sabotage which could be losing you money.
We help you uncover working formats and highlight if there are any signs of self-sabotage so it can be easily corrected. Allowing companies to improve productivity.
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See Real Results

At Workforce Results, we believe in results.
We are so confident that we will deliver what’s agreed, that for your peace of mind, we offer a guarantee.
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