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Faster Workforce Development

At Workforce Results, we believe in faster workforce development.

Our mission is to deliver faster workforce development because without the right data and psychological understanding; it would take you years of guessing to uncover the truth about what your workforce want and need to achieve business objectives.

Most companies seek personality tests such as DISC, Insights, The big 5, Myers Briggs, plus many more. This is a step in the right direction but shows less than a quarter of the full picture.

With statistics showing 69% of employees say they would work harder if they felt their efforts were better recognised. It’s never been more essential to know the type of recognition your staff are looking for.

At Workforce Results, we use scientifically proven, high-end individual and team profiles which go much deeper than personality profiles by uncovering thinking preferences. This will identify and explain why your employees and teams do what they do on a subconscious level and what recognition your staff are seeking.

Thinking preferences have an impact on everything we do. This includes:

    • motivation
    • communication
    • decision making
    • problem-solving
    • managing styles, and more.

By understanding your team’s thinking preferences will allow you to manage and develop your staff in a faster and more effective way.

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